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Community IV Therapy Service
Community IV Service

Mastercall Healthcare has delivered very successful, high quality IV therapy services within Greater Manchester since August 2012, currently providing care for patients in Stockport. 

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The service has a core team of expert clinical and nursing staff who have the skills and knowledge to safely manage all types of antimicrobial therapy in the community setting.

We are members of the British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and the National Infusion and Vascular Access Society and have presented and published aspects of this specialist service at national conferences and within peer-reviewed journals.

The service development and implementation mirrors the core elements of the NHS Outcomes Framework, in particular enhancing quality of life for patients with long term conditions by enabling them to receive care closer to home and ensuring patients have a positive experience of care (measured by patient satisfaction surveys) and treating patients in a safe environment.

Patients are protected from avoidable harm, which is particularly important for treating frail or vulnerable patients. Providing treatment in the home or a community setting avoids the risk of hospital-acquired infections and injury.

The service has an excellent quality and safety record, underpinned by a robust clinical governance framework. Best practice recommendations for OPAT are followed to ensure that our service provides optimum safety and quality for our patients.

The service manages patients with infections in the community safely and effectively, ensuring that their treatment is optimised, appropriately delivered and closely monitored by our dedicated team of clinical staff. The service can manage a range of clinical infections including:

  • Chest infections
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Cellulitis, skin and soft tissue infections
  • UTI/ESBL urinary tract infections

Mastercall are also able to treat a wide range of other conditions which require treatment with intravenous (IV) medications, such as:

  • Joint infections
  • Discitis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Other infections on a case-by-case basis when agreed with microbiology by the referring team

Patients have access to a patient telephone help line 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. Referrals are also accepted directly from the short stay admissions areas and the emergency department, avoiding the need for admission and assisting local hospitals to meet the emergency department waiting time target and releasing acute bed capacity.

Mastercall has an excellent safety record in relation to the management and delivery of community-based antibiotic therapy. The organisation has a robust clinical quality and safety framework headed by the Medical Director, Dr John O’Malley, who has overall responsibility for the service. The service has a dedicated expert clinical and nursing team providing continuity of care for patients who require recurrent episodes of treatment for chronic disease.

What our patients say about the service:

We have received excellent feedback from patients and carers, who value the benefit of direct referral by their own GP for treatment in the comfort of their own home or at nearby clinic, thus reducing demand on acute hospital beds and avoiding the need for hospital contact.

“I still run my own business and cannot afford to take any time off work. The nurses were very flexible with me and came to my work place on my lunch hour to give me my antibiotic drip. This meant that I didn’t need to take time off that I couldn’t afford and I could get on with my life.”

“I am the main carer for my disabled wife and recently used the service for a skin infection. Previously I had to be admitted to hospital, which meant my wife needed carers who she didn’t know. This service enabled me to remain at home and did not disrupt my wife’s care.”

“I suffer from a chronic chest infection. Before the IV service existed I used to spend at least two weeks a year as an inpatient in hospital.”

In 2015, our community IV services received 1300 referrals from GPs and hospital clinicians.

Information for registered health professionals referring to the service: Here is a pre-referral checklist

and our Community IV Therapy Service poster.


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Working for us
Mastercall is an Equal Opportunities employer and all clinical and non-clinical positions are advertised online at NHS Jobs. For an informal discussion regarding an advertised position please contact the Human Resource Department on 0161 476 7006

Mastercall employees are eligible for NHS Superannuation.